Super Junior Heechul’s Mom Once Roasted His Personality In A Way Only A Mom Could

Don’t worry, Heechul, we’ve got some water for that burn!

As many people know, Super Junior‘s Heechul is a castmember on SBS‘s My Little Old Boy (also known as Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling).

Source: NAVER x Dispatch

Heechul’s mom, Kim Sun Ja, was introduced as a member of the cast, where she was warmly welcomed by the other mothers and the hosts, who delighted observed she’s “so elegant” unlike her “playful” son.

Source: Anandayuhee nim/YouTube

During her time with Heechul in the waiting room, she praised her son for his good looks and popularity.

Source: Anandayuhee nim/YouTube

But when he asked her to praise him for his personality, not his looks, she asked him, “Do I have something to praise about your personality?” She effectively roasted him in a way that only a mom could!

Source: Anandayuhee nim/YouTube

Don’t worry, Heechul, we have some water for that burn!

Watch the whole clip below to watch Heechul and his mom be adorable together:

Super Junior

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