Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Won’t Force His Kids To Study Hard—Here’s The Moving Reason Why

He learned it the hard way.

Super Junior recently sat down for an interview with Seventeen, where they were asked to pick the smartest member.

The members didn’t hesitate to pick Kyuhyun the moment they heard the question. They all know that his dad used to run an academy, so as a child, he was always studying.

His dad was the director, so Kyuhyun was forced to study.

— Yesung

Kyuhyun reminisced on that time and revealed that he wish he didn’t have to study so hard. Because of his difficult experience growing up, he resolved to not ask the same of his children.

I really didn’t want to study. That’s why if I have kids, I’m not going to force them to study hard.

— Kyuhyun

Leeteuk listened intently and added that Kyuhyun used to feel burdened by the pressure that was placed on him to get top grades. In Korea, test scores can be viewed in the back of the classroom, so his friends would always look to see what grade he got.

In Korea, your grades or test scores are posted in the back of the classroom, so his friends would always come and check his scores. That was a huge source of stress for him.

— Leeteuk

As the director’s son, Kyuhyun’s scores were a reflection of his father’s credibility. If he didn’t do well, then his classmates’ parents would demean his father. He worked hard for this to not happen.

If I don’t get a good grade, people could be like, ‘Go teach your own son first.’

— Kyuhyun

It’s heartbreaking that Kyuhyun had to feel so much pressure and stress at a young age. Thankfully, his children won’t have to go through the same experiences!

Watch the full interview below to learn more about Kyuhyun and the rest of Super Junior.

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