Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Prays For The Success Of Rival Companies For A Practical Reason

He wishes for the success of every group that debuts under SM, JYP, and YG.

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun is hosting the web reality show Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated with WINNER‘s Mino and Sechs Kies‘s Jiwon. The three of them travel to different restaurants in South Korea to drink and have a good time with their guests.

Kyuhyun, Mino, and Jiwon in the title card of Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated채널 십오야/YouTube

On the 3rd episode of the show, the cast was greeted by their special guests, ITZY‘s Yeji and Lia!

ITZY’s Yeji and Lia on Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated채널 십오야/YouTube

Together they had a great time talking about their different experiences as idols since they all debuted in different generations and agencies. They also discussed how Mino knew Yeji since they were family friends and how Lia chose JYP Entertainment over SM Entertainment.

Kyuhyun then talked about how he started investing in 2018 and bought shares from 3 different major music companies! Although he remained loyal to SM Entertainment, he couldn’t help but root for JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment so that his money would grow.

Even though they were his rivals, Kyuhyun also found himself rooting for other groups like ITZY and BLACKPINK to succeed and increase the value of the shares he bought. Of course, he also made sure to root for his labelmates like aespa as well.

When Mino and Yeji mentioned that BLACKPINK and ITZY were making comebacks soon, Kyuhyun jokingly looked for his phone to check on his investments.

Sometimes it can be difficult for idols to show support for groups outside of their agencies. Still, being an idol with over 15 years of experience, it seems like Kyuhyun has found different ways of getting around the unspoken rule!

Watch the full episode of Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated with Kyuhyun, Mino, and Jiwon with their guests Yeji and Lia below! Kyuhyun talks about his investments at the 11:23 mark.