Super Junior’s Leeteuk Met BTS J-Hope’s Dad At The Spa And Now They’re BFFs

He was even invited to J-Hope’s parents’ home.

In a recent episode of Knowing Bros, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk shared how he came to have such a special relationship with BTS J-Hope‘s parents!


Ever since his hosting of the TV show The Best Cooking Secrets, Leeteuk explained that he gained a tremendous amount of love and support from the older Korean viewers. Thus, nowadays, Leeteuk has been running into elderly fans who recognized him from the cooking show.


Leeteuk then revealed a time when he was using the spa facility in his residential complex — and met the most unexpected person there.

Everyone recognizes me at the spa now. The other day, I was at the spa that is inside the complex where I live. I took a shower and was drying my hair when an older man approached me.

— Leeteuk


It was BTS J-Hope’s father!

He was like, ‘Aren’t you Leeteuk?’ So I told him yes and said hello. He then told me that his son is a celebrity too! He introduced himself as J-Hope’s father.

— Leeteuk


J-Hope’s father was thrilled to see Leeteuk, as his son — J-Hope — was a huge fan of Super Junior. Leeteuk shared that J-Hope’s father gave him some kind words of encouragement too!

He said, ‘My son loves his Super Junior hyungs.’ He said we, as a sunbae group, should try to stay together as long as we could and really try our best so that we can inspire our hoobae groups — like his son — to do the same.

— Leeteuk


Leeteuk also mentioned that a few days later, he ended up running into J-Hope’s mother and aunt too.

A few days later, in the complex, some woman came and said hello to me. She was like, ‘Oh you must be working out, that’s amazing!’ I asked her who she was — and she said, ‘I’m Hobi’s mom!’ Another woman next to her also recognized me and greeted me. She was J-Hope’s aunt.

— Leeteuk


Since then, Leeteuk has actually gotten to know J-Hope’s parents better. In fact, J-Hope’s parents wanted to invite Leeteuk to their house for some home cooked meal. Leeteuk pointed out that he has J-Hope’s mother’s number and she has his.

J-Hope’s mom took my phone number and I have hers. I don’t have J-Hope’s, but I feel like I’ve become pretty close to his family.

— Leeteuk


With such an unexpected but great friendship in the works, Leeteuk commented that he has grown especially fond of J-Hope too!


Looks like J-Hope’s friendliness runs in the DNA!

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