Super Junior’s Leeteuk Once Lost The Love Of His Life To A Chaebol Celebrity

He was eventually left heartbroken.

The story of Leeteuk’s love triangle with a woman and a chaebol (extremely wealthy) celebrity was featured on a past episode of Rumor Has It.

Rumor Has It is a talk show that addresses all the hottest issues in the world of Korean pop culture.


According to the hosts, the incident occurred back in 2006 when Leeteuk was still a rookie idol. Super Junior had debuted in 2005 and was just starting to gain more popularity.


One day, on his way to his schedule, Leeteuk coincidentally ran into a woman who he felt completely in love with at first sight.


As a celebrity, however, it wasn’t easy for him to openly ask a woman out. So what he did was ask his dear friend Shindong to help him out.


Shindong eventually succeeded in getting the woman’s number and Leeteuk began talking to her only to be rejected because of the pressure she felt of dating a celebrity.


The reporter telling the story added that she completely understood the woman as being the girlfriend of an idol was an extremely difficult position whether or not the idol was super wealthy. According to the reporter, even if a celebrity is not in an open relationship, fans know about it and the woman probably knew the hardships that would follow.


That didn’t stop Leeteuk from continuing to pursue her, however. One day, he went to go see the woman in his company car rather than his own so as to reduce the pressure she would feel and prepared a CD filled with songs that she enjoyed listening to.


He approached the woman, who was older than he was, in a way as to make her feel like he was just an ordinary person like her, rather than a celebrity. And as a result of his efforts, the woman eventually accepted the idol and the two began officially dating.


But suddenly, Leeteuk was not able to get in touch with the woman for a whole week. After a week of frustration, the woman unexpectedly called Leeteuk, asking him on a date to the movies.


Despite the fact that he was in the public eye, Leeteuk boldly held the woman’s hand and enjoyed their movie date. As they were watching the movie, however, the woman received a call from a mysterious person who, by the looks of the name saved on her phone, was a well-known celebrity who was also the son of a wealthy chaebol (conglomerate CEO).


Turns out, the woman was already in a relationship with the chaebol celebrity when she met Leeteuk and she simply went out with him a couple of times after he expressed his interest in her.


Leeteuk had apparently loved the woman so much that if she was willing to marry him, he would have given up his career to be with her so he suffered a great deal of pain after discovering this fact.

Leeteuk was having such a difficult time that the other Super Junior members had apparently even kept watch over him so that he was never alone.


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