Super Junior Reveals Which Of Their Members Is The Poorest

Before enlistment, Kyuhyun asked for a bike as a farewell gift and his hyungs had fun coming up with excuses to escape fulfilling the humble request.

After all, it was their responsibility to tease their youngest member while they still had the chance.

The members even asked fans to help them decide who should be the one buying the surprisingly expensive enlistment gift.

ELFs will surely miss the adorable interaction between the Super Junior members and their maknae.

The debate over the present happened only four days before Kyuhyun’s military enlistment.

Who actually ended up buying the gift remains a mystery but one thing is for sure, the group and their fans will definitely miss their witty member.

Fortunately, Kyuhyun is the last Super Junior member to enlist and a proper group reunion is just around the corner!

Watch the full interaction below: