Super Junior’s Ryeowook Breaks Down His Fears And The Reality Of Being A 36-Year-Old K-Pop Idol

Being an idol doesn’t stop him from having scary times.

When 1994 일구구사 gave Super Junior‘s Ryeowook the chance to meet up with men who were the same age as him, he didn’t hold back in sharing his fears and how it connected to being a K-Pop idol.

Ryeowook | @SJofficial/Twitter

Because Ryewook has been an idol since he was eighteen years old, he admitted that he’d become a bit lost as a thirty-six-year-old.

When I think about the age of thirty-six, even though I have a job as an idol, I do know that I’m getting older.

— Ryeowook

Ryeowook has spent so much time as an artist that he’s unsure of what path to take forward in his life.

I’m confused about what I should do with my life. I’m very scared.

— Ryeowook

Ryeowook became even more scared when noticing all of his friends finding their “role” by becoming “a father” or “creating a family by getting married.

It’s become such a concern for Ryeowook that he confessed, “So I keep wondering if I can still continue my life as a celebrity.

Thanks to the advice from the men who were at the same point in their lives, Ryeowook realized that it wasn’t necessary to compare his life with how much his friends have accomplished. He was comforted when hearing “there are millions of ways” to live life.

Ryeowook will eventually overcome his fear and find out which path is meant for him. In fact, he has a bit more freedom to do all the things he couldn’t do before—after sacrificing so much in his early years.

| @SJofficial/Twitter

Watch fellow thirty-six-year-olds comfort Ryeowook about his fear of not knowing what to do with his life after being a K-Pop idol for so long.

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