Super Junior Says Eunhyuk Has Changed The Most Since Debut

He has matured so fine!

Super Junior members Yesung, Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyuk were on “Hello Counselor” on January 22 where the members were asked who they think has changed the most visually.

Donghae was quick to pick Eunhyuk, without explanation.

Eunhyuk instead chose Yesung and Yesung agreed, to everyone’s surprise.


Yesung went on to explain that besides Donghae, they were all kind of ugly at the time. A point which the rest of the members disagreed with.

The hosts then said they were curious to see what the audience thought so they brought up pictures of the 4 members from their debut.

When they showed Eunhyuk’s picture, he couldn’t help but hide his face while the rest of them commented that he looked like a strange Japanese girl.

The audience overwhelmingly chose Eunhyuk as the one that changed the most.

We think Eunhyuk has aged gracefully!


Source: XSports News