Super Junior Shares Their Favorite B-Sides That They Think Are Hidden Gems

With a discography as big as theirs, how could anyone choose?!

Going on 17 years of being active, Super Junior is one of the most legendary groups in K-pop with countless hits. Their discography includes over 500 songs, so it can be difficult to figure out what to listen to and what is your favorite… even for the members!

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Members Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, and Yesung sat down with Singles Korea to look at 9 of Super Junior’s albums and picked their favorite B-Sides from each!

1. “So I” from Super Junior ‘05

Leeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk, and Ryeowook unanimously chose “So I!” Eunhyuk shared that this song is memorable because they performed it at the Pattaya Festival in Thailand as their first show abroad. Due to this, the song deeply touches his heart.

2. “Sapphire Blue” from Don’t Don

Their second and third albums are often called classics, so they had difficulty choosing their favorite song from this album. They all had differing opinions, with Yesung choosing “Marry U,” Eunhyuk “Disco Drive,” and Leeteuk “You’re My Endless Love.”

After playing rock, paper, scissors, Ryeowook’s choice, “Sapphire Blue,” was chosen as the final decision. Ryeowook chose “Sapphire Blue” because its lyrics are about going on a trip, which is something he is looking forward to doing again in the future once COVID-19 is gone.

3. “Heartquake” from Sorry Sorry

The members loved all of the songs and were torn between “Happy Together,” “What if,” “Heartquake,” and “Shining Star.” However, they eventually settled on “Heartquake” when Yesung won rock, paper, scissors. Heartquake featured the iconic group TVXQ!

4. “One Fine Spring Day” from Bonamana

For this album, Yesung had a clear favorite, “In My Dream.” Leeteuk was torn but eventually chose “My All Is In You.” “One Fine Spring Day” was chosen by both Ryeowook and Eunhyuk as it was Ryeowook’s first solo song and was special due to the lyrics written by an A&R member in memory of her grandmother.

5. “Walkin'” from Mr. Simple

Yesung immediately chose “Sunflower,” and Ryeowook initially chose “SUPERMAN.” Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones happened to hear “Walkin'” and mentioned it on the Rolling Stones’ Twitter. This made the song much more meaningful to Eunhyuk and Ryeowook, so they chose it in the end, swaying the vote.

6. “From U” from Sexy, Free, and Single

“From U” is a loved special stage due to a vocal performance from K.R.Y and a dance break by D&E. The song was originally revealed at a concert as a VCR song before being officially released. The fans and members enjoyed it so much; they asked songwriter Yoo Young Jin to make a guide of the song. This song was almost chosen by everyone, except when Ryeowook chose “Gulliver.”

7. “THIS IS LOVE” from Mamacita

Yesung was in the military and therefore unable to participate in this album. However, he said “THIS IS LOVE” was his favorite as well as Leeteuk. It was a B-Side from Mamacita but a title track for the repackaged version. Eunhyuk personally chose “Shirt” and Ryeowook, “Mid-season.”

8. “Spin Up!” from Play

Once again, the members loved all of the songs and were split between “Too Late,” “Spin Up!,” “The Lucky Ones,” and “Runaway.”  They agreed that the album was full of amazing, energetic songs with fun performances as it was from their last complete Super Show tour. However, Yesung won rock, paper, scissors yet again, so the final decision was “Spin Up!”

9. “Stay With Me” from Time Slip

Ryeowook and Leeteuk chose “Stay with Me” for its funky and retro VCR. Originally, Ryeowook picked “No Drama” because he mistook it for “Stay With Me.” Yesung and Eunhyuk chose, “I Think I” since it was almost the title track instead of “Super Clap” for their ninth album. Through a final rock, paper, scissors game, the group completed the interview with “Stay With Me.”

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