Super Junior Shares Hilarious Stories From Their Time In The Military

They filmed a M/V in the military?!

Super Junior is one of the few idol groups where all members have completed their mandatory military service. On Life Bar, they share some funny stories that happened in the military and their discharges.

There were 3 members of the group in the military at the same time and they got together to perform a version of “Sorry Sorry”. It’s much different from the original 13 member version and honestly looks a little empty. It was probably exhausting for 3 members to fill up so many roles, especially with no practice time.

They also state how they filmed a music video in the military, which is just kind of strange.

Heechul couldn’t hide his disbelief of how strange the situation was and wondered what went into the whole process of making the music video.

Here are parts of the music video below if you were curious.

Eunhyuk even talks about how troubling and stressful it is to put his trust into the members once it was time for him to get discharged.

Even after almost 2 years of Eunhyuk being in the military, the members couldn’t help but joke with him once he got officially discharged in front of a crowd of people.

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