Super Junior Shares Their Thoughts On Marriage And Living As Idols Forever

They also take their parents’ feelings into account.

Super Junior‘s members have revealed their thoughts on marriage.

During an appearance on SBS‘s My Ugly Duckling, the group shared their thoughts on the timing of marriage. Siwon said, “Because my dad is already old, I want to get married before I turn forty.

On the other hand, Leeteuk said, “Nine out of ten seniors were encouraged to marry late. If you live to 100 years old and marry in your 20s, you will live with that same person for 80 years. It’s crazy. It makes more sense to get married in your 40s and live together for 60 years.

Shindong then made a comment about getting married at 45 years old and having children right away, as when the child is 20, he will be 65, that way when his child gets married and has a child, he could see his grandchild.

Kyuhyun succinctly said, “I will live until 150 years old,” causing others to laugh. Ryeowook shared that he planned to stay unmarried, but as his parents got older his thoughts changed. Heechul said, “I feel like I have to get married because my parents are getting older. I wanted to live as an idol forever, but that changed completely.

What do you think about Super Junior’s thoughts on marriage? Do you agree that it’s better to get married later in life?

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