Super Junior’s Shindong Got Into Trouble With SM Entertainment — All Because Of TVXQ’s Yunho

Yunho didn’t know it happened.

Super Junior‘s Shindong told the cast of Knowing Bros how an innocent interaction with TVXQ‘s Yunho landed him in trouble with SM Entertainment.

Yunho | @yunho2154/Instagram

Because Shindong joined the company shortly after TVXQ debuted, he was starstruck when Yunho entered the trainees’ practice room. While Yunho chatted with the Super Junior members he’d trained with, Shindong couldn’t resist capturing the moment he saw the newly debuted celebrity in person.

Yunho, Shindong, Changmin, Heechul.
So Shindong pretended to talk on his cell phone, covering up the fact he was snapping photos of Yunho. However, Shindong wasn’t as stealthy as he thought.

In one of the photos, he was looking at the camera. I was like, ‘Did I get caught?’

I kept quiet, and he left the room. So I thought, ‘That’s a relief. I will brag to my friends.’

— Shindong

After Super Junior finished training, a female SM Entertainment staff member confronted Shindong about being “really rude” to Yunho.

SM staff: What did you do to Yunho?

Shindong: I didn’t do anything.

SM staff: He said you were really rude.

Shindong: I don’t know why he said that.

Yunho was shocked to hear that happened and clarified what he actually told the staff member back then.

The veteran idol didn’t think Shindong was being rude at all. Yunho told the staff member that Shindong was secretly snapping photos of him.

I never said such a thing! I simply felt like he took photos. So just in case, I just said, ‘I think he took photos of me. Please check. He secretly took photos of me.’

— Yunho

It looks like SM Entertainment isn’t only strict with fans about taking photos of its artists. They’re also tough on their own trainees—even if those trainees end up becoming Super Junior.