Super Junior’s Siwon Was A True Gentleman For Taking Care Of Taeyeon

Before she even noticed what was wrong, Siwon was there to help.

This year’s Seoul Music Awards was a major milestone for Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon. As a solo artist, she won a Daesang, making her the first female to do so.

Among the many interactions at the event, there was one that fans noticed between her and Super Junior‘s Siwon that warmed their hearts.

After seeing HOTSHOT‘s Ha Sungwoon sitting alone, Taeyeon wanted her friend to join her and Super Junior at their table. Since there were no objections, they all sat together to enjoy the show. There was more to the interaction than that.

As Siwon talked with Sungwoon, he’d glanced at Taeyeon and noticed she was missing something. Since Taeyeon had been wearing a short dress and was sitting down, he noticed that her legs were exposed.

Before Taeyeon realized it herself, Siwon made sure she was covered for warmth or protection from photos, reaching for the blanket she’d used earlier and handing it to her.

Super Junior doesn’t miss an opportunity to look after their juniors. Taeyeon was in good hands sitting with them, especially Siwon.

Watch the SM Entertainment family look out for each other here.