Super Junior’s Donghae Exposed A Fan Who Snuck Out To Go To His Concert

The timing couldn’t be better (or worse, if you’re the fan!)

Fans sneaking out to watch a concert isn’t something new.

During “THE D&E Concert in Taipei”, Super Junior‘s Donghae can be seen taking a fan’s phone and taking selfies with it. He’s taken aback, however, when the phone starts ringing.

Donghae looks at the phone to see who’s calling the fan and turns to her.

You mommy?

The timing couldn’t be better (or worse, if you’re the fan). The fan starts screaming, “Oh my God!” It turns out the fan hadn’t told her mom she was going to a concert and was keeping it a secret!

When Donghae realizes it is the fan’s mom, he answers the phone. He couldn’t hear her at first and takes out his in-ear so that he could speak to the fan’s mother.

And like the gentleman he is, he introduces himself to the fan’s mom!

Hello mommy? I’m Super Junior’s Donghae.

Well, it’s safe to say that the fan’s mom now knows that her daughter went to a concert!

Source: Instiz

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