Eric Nam Reveals What Super Junior Thought Of Him When They First Met

Eric Nam is so relatable!

Eric Nam opened up about the time when he first met his sunbaes, Super Junior.

He shared that he has met some of the members individually. He specifically mentioned Ryewook, who he worked with as a radio DJ for a few months, and Eunkyung, who he sees every now and then.

He also shared how he met Donghae, whom he met because of constantly visiting Henry. Henry lived near Donghae, and because of that Eric eventually met him.

As Henry’s close friend, Eric was invited to come say hi during Super Junior’s shoot for a music program.

Eric Nam shared that he remembers arriving in the venue and feeling shy to come say hi to the rest of the members, but he also shared how Henry told him that it will be okay and that he should say hi!

Eric shared that this was the first time he was meeting Super Junior, so he was naturally feeling nervous. Henry introduced him to the rest of the members as his friend, and the rest of the members greeted him.

He admitted that he was feeling extremely shy to the point where he couldn’t think of anything else to say and do. He added that he just kept saying “hi” repeatedly.

Eric Nam later on shared that a few years later, he met one of the members of Super Junior. That member, who he didn’t name, honestly told him that when they first met, he thought that Eric was rude.

However, after learning that Eric was from America, he understood why Eric acted that way.

The singer opened up and said that he felt sorry towards the member for coming off that way. He also shared that he usually freaks out internally when meeting new people, and has a hard time carrying a conversation with them, causing him to say “hi” repeatedly.

He thought of that as a learning experience and realized that he should be more careful of his actions whenever meeting someone.

The next time he met Super Junior, they told him to stop saying “hi” repeatedly because he already said it once, and it was enough.

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