Kim Heechul Spotted Fanboying Over AOA On Multiple Occasions

AOA‘s charms and catchy music seem to be irresistible to everyone, including Super Junior‘s Heechul.

Heechul has expressed his love for the girl group in the past, but it seems like his obsession has become greater and greater as time passes. Recently, Heechul uploaded a video of him dancing backstage to AOA’s latest song “Excuse Me” wearing a cute outfit.

While the new video has become quite popular, it’s not the first instance of Heechul showing off his fan boy side when it comes to AOA.

Check out all the times Heechul went crazy over AOA below:

Heechul has been a fan of AOA for several years, and has even been caught with AOA fan merchandise and watching AOA’s music show performances.

Heechul is such a big fan of AOA that he even memorized an unknown fact about the members. Heechul revealed that he had learned of a strange fact about Seolhyun after going on a vacation with the members of AOA.

On variety show program, Heechul even confessed that AOA is the best girl group in South Korea. It seems like his love for AOA runs very deep.

Heechul even danced to AOA’s hit song, “Mini Skirt.”