Super Junior’s Heechul Once “Bravely” Stood Up For GOT7 Against Park Jin Young

The GOT7 members also show some love towards Heechul.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known for his crazy personality, as he has no problem speaking his mind.

This was also the case when Park Jin Young and the GOT7 members were guests on Knowing Brothers.

The cast of Knowing Brothers are known for their savage personalities, so Park Jin Young had promised himself in the past that he would never go on the show.

Park Jin Young then jokingly claims that since GOT7 would have never been invited to the show, he decided to help them.

Heechul then savagely roasts Park Jin Young for his claim, as he claims that Park Jin Young only got invited to the show since GOT7 came along.

The GOT7 members show some love to Heechul after his comment, and Park Jin Young was just in disbelief over Heechul’s savageness.

Heechul takes it a step further and imitates how the conversation would have gone between the Knowing Brothers producers and Park Jin Young.

In the end, Park Jin Young can’t help but smile and agree with Heechul’s remarks.