Super Junior’s Heechul Revealed What Jong Kook’s Ex-Girlfriend Said About Him

Heechul spilled the tea.

During a recent episode of My Little Old Boy, Super Junior‘s Heechul revealed that Jong Kook‘s ex-girlfriend shared what he was like as a boyfriend.

Although the information was shared ten years ago, Heechul recalled the story like it was yesterday.

When Jong Kook asked for an example of how he was strict as a boyfriend, Heechul said that he was told Jong Kook wouldn’t let his girlfriend have a license because driving is too dangerous.

Jong Kook explained, “I was young then. I was in my 20s.

Heechul never revealed who Jong Kook’s girlfriend (at the time) was but fans have theories on who it might be. What do you think?

Watch the whole clip below:

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