Super Junior’s Heechul Reveals How Bad His Past Personality Was…As Well As How Sensitive He Was

Heechul slept in his car once because of Siwon.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is now known as a jokester and someone who loves to playfully diss others.

On an epsiode of Life Bar Heechul and Siwon revealed that Heechul used to have quite the tempered personality.

There were many occasions where Heechul would be the first person to go to sleep in their dorm. Usually, the other members would stay up to do things like play games.

This angered Heechul a bit, and he wouldn’t even bother to get up to tell the other members to keep it down. He would just call the house phone to let the other members know.

The other members knew immediately what to do once they heard the house phone ringing.

Siwon gives a playful diss and shares his thoughts on how much Heechul’s personality has improved.

Siwon also reveals a story on how much of a sensitive person Heechul used to be. Where Siwon once got cursed out by Heechul in the middle of the night.

It turns out that Siwon just slightly bumped into Heechul while they were sharing a bed, which angered Heechul. Heechul ended up cursing at Siwon and sleeping in his car that night.

Here is the full video below!

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