Super Junior’s Heechul Reveals The Insane Amount Of Money He’s Spent On A Single Mobile Game

Wait, he spent how much?!

Super Junior‘s Heechul has revealed several times that he’s quite the gamer and enjoys to use his free time to play games.

Heechul doesn’t even spend his money on things like clothes or watches, he prefers to spend a lot of his money on gaming.

Heechul even has an interesting “theory” on how he’s actually making good use of his money and it’ll help his gaming hobby. That his money would be going towards the gaming company, then the company can use his money to produce even better games for the future.

Heechul has actually spent over $40,000 on a single mobile game, which shocked everyone.

Heechul is confused and doesn’t understand why everyone is shocked by the amount. That there are people who spend much higher amounts on games and that he’s actually more of a commoner compared to other people.

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