Super Junior’s Heechul shows the difference long vs short hair can make on your image

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known for constantly changing up his hairstyle, but which style is the best?

Heechul is a multitalented celebrity whose work with SM Entertainment‘s Super Junior and appearances on many variety shows has gained him a spot as an international Hallyu star. He is also currently a host on MBC‘s Weekly Idol. Like many other idols, Heechul tends to switch up his hairstyle every so often.

For a while, Heechul kept his hair quite long, to the point where some netizens called it “ajumma hair”! But which hairstyle do you think suites him best: long or short?

Image: Heechul getting his hair ready / Heechul’s Instagram

Image: Heechul getting his hair styled and cut / Heechul’s Instagram

Image: Heechul showing off his shorter hairstyle on SNS / Heechul’s Instagram

Image: Heechul with a shorter and dark hairstyle / Heechul’s Instagram

SJ Heechul
Image: Heechul taking a selfie of his longer hairstyle / Heechul’s Instagram

Image: Heechul with a shorter and more lighter hairstyle / Instagram

Image: Heechul with slick back, dark hair / Instagram

SM Super Junior Heechul
Image: Cover image for M&D’s album / SM Entertainment

In any case, fans around the world love Heechul for his easy going and fun personality as well as his awesome fashion sense! We are looking forward to more surprises form Heechul in the future!

Source: Pann