Super Junior’s Leeteuk Revealed His Ideal Type, And Koreans Are Bashing Him For It

Koreans think Leeteuk could be looking way out of his league.

On the “Before Sunrise” episode of SuperTV, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and fellow members talked about the type of women they like.


Leeteuk explained that as he turned 36, he was getting more serious about marriage.


He then added that his ideal type is an anchorwoman.


In Korea, the term “newscaster/anchorwoman style” is often used to describe women who have the looks and the brains. Female newscasters are often mentioned as an ideal type, as they are beautiful, intelligent, and successful.

Newscaster Kim Joo Hee

This isn’t the first time Leeteuk has mentioned his love for newscaster style ladies. In the past, Leeteuk said he is interested in newscaster Kim Joo Hee, when appearing on a TV program together.


When the episode aired on February 23, Koreans roasted Leeteuk for his ideal type. Most comments agreed that such newscasters are way out of Leeteuk’s league.

Most comments were negative, including “Know your place… Is Super Junior still even a thing? LOL” and “That mouth of his…”


Other comments included, “Newscasters would look for so much more than Leeteuk”, “LOL whatever”, and “Newscasters marry into rich families. They didn’t beat the competition so they can date some old school idol.”

Other members also shared their ideal types. Eunhyuk mentioned Shiho Yano, Donghae said Rachel McAdams, and Heechul said girl group gugudan’s Mina.

Source: Nate News and Newsen

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