Here’s What Super Junior Really Thought When They First Heard “Sorry, Sorry”

It was a song that went global!

A new YouTube original documentary series called K-Pop Evolution has been giving fans an insight into the industry’s history. In episode three, the series looked at the K-Pop stars who went global.

One of the bands that have stood the test of time and made an impact globally is Super Junior. For many fans, their breakout moment was with the release of their 2009 hit “Sorry, Sorry.”

In the episode, leader Leeteuk looked at the group’s first reaction when they heard the song!

When we first heard the song, it was the one that divided our opinions the most. Half the members liked it, and half didn’t.

— Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Looking at the lyrics, Leeteuk added that the members didn’t know if people would accept and like the song because it seemed simple and repetitive.

Leeteuk then explained that a choreographer called Nick Bass heard it and said, “This is a really good song.” With the simple lyrics and catchy choreography, there was no denying that it had the potential to be huge.

Despite the initial skepticism from Korean fans, the track was a success in other parts of South Asia and spread to Europe and the rest of the world. The success was something that Leeteuk never expected.

Even performing in Asia was enough to make us think we succeeded overseas. We didn’t imagine it would extend all the way to Europe.

— Super Junior’s Leeteuk

With Super Junior still going strong 15 years after debuting, there is no denying that they made their mark on K-Pop!

You can watch the whole episode below!

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