Super Junior’s Shindong Once Tried To Fix Heechul’s Computer…And Heechul Nearly Lost His Mind

One majored in dancing, the other in electronics.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known as quite the gamer and is someone who cherishes the computer he uses to game with.

On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Heechul was in for a shock once he saw Shindong taking his computer apart.

Shindong tries to explain that he’s only trying to help Heechul by adding some necessary coolers to his computer.

It was quite a funny situation, because Shindong majored in dance, while Heechul majored in electronics.

Heechul couldn’t even get mad at Shindong because he was only trying to help. Shindong even bought all the necessary parts to make Heechul’s computer perform better.

Shindong just wanted a chance and wanted Heechul to trust him this one time.

Despite all this, Heechul couldn’t help but show his stress and worried face looking at Shindong.

Here is the full video below!

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