Super Junior’s Shindong Reveals His Secret Technique To Losing 51lbs In 2 Months

Here’s how Shindong lost weight fast!

Super Junior’s Shindong revealed his secret to losing 51lbs in 2 months on Chef & My Fridge.

Chef & My Fridge is a Korean variety show which stars various chefs who create fast and easy dishes from ingredients found in the refrigerators of the celebrity guests.


So how did Shindong lose 51lbs?

Shindong went from 256lbs (left) to 205lbs (right), losing a total of 50lbs!


After multiple documentaries and books on dieting, Shindong found a diet that allowed him to eat as much as he wanted, a.k.a. the “unlimited eating diet”. The food that he could eat, however, would be limited to a couple of diet foods that were selected beforehand.


He introduced 5 of these foods on the show, the first of which was soy milk.

Shindong drank up to 5 packs of soymilk instead of having a meal.


His second diet food was canned tuna.

Although the oil in the canned tuna may seem like a bad choice for a diet, Shindong clarified that the oil in the tuna can was a type of oil that is good for our body. Another chef added that it was olive oil.


The third and fourth foods were calamansi jelly and basil candy.

The basil candy was a gift from his fans who were supporting his diet.


And finally, the last item was Coke Zero.


Now that summer is drawing near, this unlimited eating diet plan could be the perfect choice for your next diet challenge!

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