SuperM’s Baekhyun Gave Lucas A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Baekhyun gave Lucas exactly what he wanted, just not when he’d wanted it.

SuperM‘s Lucas is one of the most playful members of the team. When it was his turn in the spotlight for Teen Vogue‘s Playlist Of Their Lives, he didn’t want anyone to dull his shine.


That included Leader Baekhyun, who ended up being the one who gave him a taste of his own medicine.

As soon as Lucas flipped his board over to reveal that he’d chosen SHINee‘s “Replay”, they all started to sing the K-Pop classic and bust out the dance moves. Lucas didn’t think they had it quite right.

He turned around to face Baekhyun, stopping him in his tracks, “That’s not it.” Baekhyun stopped singing and dancing, waiting for the perfect chance to get him back for ending the fun. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long.

Lucas broke the brief silence that followed by singing the song himself. Ten was the only one who’d joined him, happily singing. Using gestures as he sang, Lucas tried to get everyone else to follow his lead. After being stopped before, Baekhyun got back at him by sitting still and watching him.

It was when Lucas pointed directly at Baekhyun that everyone began to laugh. At that point, they couldn’t hold back their joy and joined him in singing dancing. After all, who can resist the iconic “Noona neomu yeppeo, michyeo?”

Even though Baekhyun gave Lucas exactly what he’d wanted by staying quiet, that made the whole thing funnier when he did it at the exact moment he wanted the opposite. Putting the two pranksters together is always twice as fun.

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