SuperM’s Baekhyun Passed A Question To Mark So Quickly He Had Everyone Roaring With Laughter

Baekhyun had everyone cracking up hard:

SuperM have finally made their much-anticipated debut and to celebrate with fans and to celebrate, they held a special Hollywood Takeover at Capitol Records press conference with fans!


At the press conference, they not only watched the premiere of their “Jopping” music video with fans but they also answered everyone’s burning questions about everything from their album to their goals! While they all took turns answering the questions, there was one question in particular that Baekhyun decided to just nope himself out of!


Towards the end of the interview portion of the event, SuperM was asked if there was anything about the music video they wanted to add before the premiere. As soon as the question was asked, SuperM all looked at each other waiting for someone to snag the question but with no takers, Mark decided to volunteer Baekhyun for the honor!

Baekhyun hyung. Leader, leader!

— Mark


With all the members looking to him, Baekhyun began listing some things about the MV…

When you watch the video, you’ll see there’s a story to it and it looks like we’re surrounding Taemin.

— Baekhyun


But it didn’t last long! After Baekhyun said some things on the topic, he made a gesture towards Mark, and then got back at Mark by volunteering him to take over where he had left off!

We also look like warriors in the video. Well, then…Mark!

— Baekhyun


The quick question handoff not only had all his members busting out in laughter. Meanwhile, everyone else at the venue couldn’t keep a straight face either!


And neither could fans worldwide!


Well, that’s the mood-making leader of SuperM for you!