SuperM Baekhyun Couldn’t Resist Joking About His And Kai’s Viral Panty Fiasco

Baekhyun had everyone laughing from how he humorously sneaked it in.

Last year, EXO‘s Kai and Baekhyun went viral for a hilarious moment involving panties on the variety show Knowing Brothers. During a round of The Whisper Challenge, Kai had hilariously mistaken Baekhyun for saying “panty” rather than “padding.”

While Kai recently admitted that the viral clip had caused some discomfort, Baekhyun couldn’t resist joking about the iconic moment during SuperM‘s latest SuperM Midterm Exam episode.

Like the rest of the exams on the SuperM members, one question asked what was the first thing Kai did in the morning. Before anyone had a chance to answer, Baekhyun came out of the gate with a humorous response, “Wear a panty.” All Kai could do was stare from how unexpected it was.

He wouldn’t let it go. Making many of the members chuckle, he repeated, “Change panties.Lucas was all for the hilarious answer, laughing it up.

Making his joke even funnier, Baekhyun added a twist. As soon as he said, “Taking out a diaper,” all of them completely lost it. From Taemin and Mark to Kai, everyone burst into laughter from how funny it was.

Kai found the answer so amusing he was willing to accept it as the right answer until Baekhyun playfully rejected it. It looks like they’ll never forget the iconic viral moment. Check out Baekhyun finding a joking way to squeeze it into the exam.