SuperM’s Baekhyun, Taemin, And Mark Confirm New Music And Drop Spoilers

Baekhyun thought he was being clever. Even Lucas caught on.

SuperM sat down with iHeartRadio to answer some questions submitted by fans.

Having debuted as a new group with only one mini-album under their belts, everyone wondered if new music was in the works.

Despite juggling the schedules of their different groups and solo promotions, leader Baekhyun delivered the answer fans wanted to hear. He confirmed, “Yes, we are preparing new music.” There was one obstacle preventing them from releasing it sooner.

The finishing touches were taking longer than they’d initially planned. While they could rush to get it done quickly, SuperM wanted to take their time to give fans the quality they deserve. “The process is just taking a bit longer than expected, especially because we’re working to bring you the best of the best. We’re working our hardest, at 100%, for you guys.”

Taemin and Mark gave fans another treat in addition to that news. Taemin called out the fact there was a spoiler in what Baekhyun had said, “Sounds like there’s a spoiler in that answer…” Mark agreed, pointing a finger at their leader for spilling the beans.

That wasn’t the only type of music or spoiler the group had planned for fans. When asked if their unreleased songs would turn into future official releases, Mark dropped a few more spoilers. He began, “I think you guys can definitely look forward to those.”

If those unreleased songs don’t make it onto a SuperM album, he hinted they could possibly appear in another group’s album. Mark hinted, “Who knows in the upcoming album or something? Or whatever project it may be, you can see some of those songs that you guys heard, through our tour and everything.”

He reminded fans not to forget those songs because they were important, “So, I hope you guys don’t forget each and every song that we showed you guys on stage. Remember those. They’ll be, like, gems. Yeah.”

Watch them confirm the epic new music everyone’s been looking forward to, along with some spoilers to keep them guessing.