SuperM’s Baekhyun Unleashed His Sexy Side And Instantly Regretted It

It was written all across his face.

As SuperM‘s leader, Baekhyun didn’t hold back when he felt the urge to show off his sexiness during their lastest concert stop in San Jose, California.

Once he’d let that side of him loose, though, he immediately regretted his decision.

Between performances, the group took a break to talk and have a little fun. Knowing that fans love to see the “rolling, rolling hills” part of “UN Village”, Baekhyun granted their wishes by doing the laid-back body waves.

He even took the sexiness up a notch by adding a bit of flair, pointing his finger and waving his hand as he executed the dance move. It was what he did next to unleash his sexy side that had fans replaying the clip more than once.

Since there was no one stopping him from doing what he wanted, he got down to the ground and took the body wave to a whole new level. Right afterward, Baekhyun stood up and held his hands to his body.

He made a hilarious facial expression that showed just how much he’d regretted the spur of the moment dance move. As he literally held himself together, he soon began to laugh.

No wonder Suho jumped in when Baekhyun had tried the same dance move in the past. See him unleash his sexy side that was too much to handle, even for himself.