Fans Just Found Out How Much SuperM’s U.S. “Dorm” Costs And It’s Leaving Everyone Speechless

The price isn’t the only thing leaving fans speechless:

With SuperM currently taking over the US, they’ve still been able to get some time to kick back and enjoy time together. Not too long ago they blessed everyone with a smoking hot group photo of themselves enjoying some time by the pool…


And they’ve also blessed fans with a couple of Instagram lives showcasing their sweet bond! While fans absolutely love these updates, after seeing the lovely poolside retreat and noticing the luxurious-looking backdrop on their live, many fans were curious to know a little more about these places.


With a little digging, netizens learned a little more but what they found wasn’t what they were expecting. In fact, the place wasn’t just a pool or the average dorm.


Instead, it turned out to be a pretty luxurious mansion complete with pool, sauna, recreation area, and even an elevator!


Even more shocking than the fact that it was a mansion was the price of the place. This particular mansion was reportedly listed at $8,000,000 USD to buy. Renting, on the other hand, was reportedly listed at $50,000 USD per month.


Fans have been freaking out over the extremely luxe place and its price…


But at the same time, they couldn’t be happier for the members to get to spend some time there too!


SuperM, meanwhile, is gearing up to tour different cities for their “We Are The Future” promotions.

Source: The Qoo