SuperM’s Music Video Teaser Looks Fancy AF And Fans Can’t Wait For The Rest

Is that a… helicopter?

SuperM, which is SM Entertainment‘s new “Avengers” group featuring the agency’s ace boy group members, just dropped the official teaser for their “Jopping” music video and fans can’t wait to see the rest!


The teaser boasts quite the badass aesthetic…


as the members “look expensive”, casually driving away into the future on their motorcycles…


… and fancy cars. SuperM fans don’t know how to handle NCT‘s Taeyong and Mark looking this luxurious in the driver’s seats!


And of course, SM Entertainment went all out and got themselves a tank to appear in the music video…


… but don’t let that fool you. The real deal is this helicopter, in which EXO‘s Kai cranks up his special agent vibe to the max.


With all that gloriousness happening in just 30 seconds, fans are commenting in high anticipation that SM Entertainment really “outdid themselves” for creating an action movie out of a music video teaser. They’re now counting down the days to see the group debut October 4, 2019!


Watch the complete teaser here: