SuperM’s Kai Had The Best Answer For Taeyong When He Said He Wanted To Switch Bodies With Him

This ship sails itself.

The members of SuperM had to choose who they would switch bodies with if given a chance.


Taeyong was quick to select his hyung Kai because he “only sees him” when they have a group photoshoot. That was only one of the reasons.

Taeyong said that Kai has a “perfect, manly face” and clothing always fits his body beautifully. He had only positive things to say. His first reason had caught Kai’s attention, though.

Kai said he only sees Taeyong when they have photoshoots, which made them both burst into laughter. He also reciprocated Taeyong’s choice by choosing him along with Mark has the members he’d switch bodies with.

It looks like Kai loves his dongsaengs just as much as they admire him. The relationship between Taeyong and Kai is also just as precious as fans had been expecting.