SuperM’s Kai Couldn’t Wait To Expose A Funny Secret About Lucas’s Underwear

“They’re very… I was surprised.” — Baekhyun

SuperM surprised fans with a fun game of Truth Or Dare. Rather than coming up with choices for both options on their own, they used ones submitted by fans, placing them into two separate boxes.

When it was Baekhyun‘s turn to roll the dice, he ended up landing on truth. He plucked a question from the box, “Tell us a secret about the member next to you.”

Since he pointed out the difference between how Lucas spoke Korean on stage versus off stage, Kai didn’t think that was juicy enough. Another one popped into his head, “Oh! Can I say this?” Taemin was just as curious, asking, “What?”

Kai didn’t wait for anyone’s permission. Shortly after throwing the question out there, he revealed the secret, “He wears flamboyant underwear.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the rest of the members knew exactly what he was referring to. They all shouted, “Oh!”

Mark was quick to confirm that no lie had been told. Pointing a finger toward Lucas, he stated, “That’s true. He wears flamboyant underwear.” Baekhyun tried to explain.

While Lucas couldn’t hide his embarrassment from the discussion, Baekhyun explained, “Lucas’s underwear is very fancy.” When he attempted to describe them even further, he was at a loss for words, “They’re very…”

Ten jumped right in to give the perfect example of what they looked like, “Hot Pink.” Kai offered, “They’re very fashionable.” Baekhyun only had one thing left to say about how shocking Lucas’s underwear was to him, “I was surprised.”

Thanks to Kai, everyone now knows what kind of crazy colored underwear Lucas loves to flaunt. Watch them have a good laugh about the not-so-secret-anymore habit.