SuperM’s Kai And Mark Lost Their Sh*t When Taeyong Made The Crowd Scream “Mommy” And “Daddy”

Mark and Kai weren’t ready at all.

For SuperM‘s We Are The Future concert stop in Seattle, Washington, Taeyong tried something different that had Kai and Mark feeling the second-hand embarrassment.

Noticing that there were many parents in the audience that night, Taeyong came up with his own way to thank them for not only allowing their children to come but accompanying them.

After announcing that he would try something new, Taeyong wanted the audience to follow his lead, “I say ‘thank you,’ you say ‘mommy.'” Before he could even finish saying the phrase, Kai was already having a laughing fit.

Kai turned and instantly ran straight for Mark, pushing him to show just how funny it ha been to him. When Taeyong then decided to make everyone say “daddy,” they really lost their cool.

Mark moved forward with a hand held out to stop Taeyong from going any further. Kai simply held onto him, laughing. Mark didn’t get his point across in time, though. As soon as Taeyong said, “Thank you,” the audience excitedly shouted, “Daddy.”

It was too much for Mark to handle. His legs wouldn’t stop shaking upon hearing the words being shouted from every direction. In fact, they both had to shake off what happened.

After the hilarious moments, Kai stepped right into doing some choreography, a smile stretching across his face. Following his lead, Mark coped with it by “hitting the woah.”

Sometimes, no one knows what’ll come out of Taeyong’s mouth, even his own group members. See Kai and Mark’s funny reactions to the hilariously random turn of events here.