SuperM’s Kai Opens Up About How Precious Mark Is To Him

Mark wasn’t ready to be punched right in the feels.

SuperM‘s Kai and Mark have had a friendship long before they both debuted in one group together. Even though they’re not close in age, that doesn’t stop their friendship from being one of the most genuine you’ll ever see.

While taking a Friendship Test for Glamour, they’d revealed they’re far closer than that.

At the point where they had to compliment each other, Kai didn’t give a flippant response. Taking it seriously, he admitted that Mark was what he imagines when thinking of the perfect younger brother.

To make everyone love their relationship even more, Kai simplified his thoughts by saying, “You are my ideal brother personified.” The compliment was so meaningful that Mark had to give him a manly handshake-hug combo.

When Mark remembered that Kai didn’t have a younger brother at all, it made what he’d said that much more meaningful. It was what Kai said next that had Mark totally unprepared for how precious he was to him.

While thinking back, Kai revealed, “Growing up, I fantasized about having a brother. So, meeting you, I fulfilled my fantasy…” The words were so heartfelt and honest that Mark wasn’t prepared.

Mark admitted that he appreciated the words, but the sappy moment was too much for him to handle. He cringed as he bent over, making Kai burst into laughter.

True friendship is being able to open up to each other while still being able to laugh about it. Listen to Kai talk about how precious Mark turned out to be to him.