SuperM’s Kai Regretted His Life Choices When Lucas Got The Perfect Chance For Revenge

When he heard Lucas say, “I’m the hyung now,” Kai knew it was going down.

The members of SuperM have created strong bonds with one another as a result of all the time they’ve spent together as a new group.

They’ve grown so comfortable that they love to tease each other, like Lucas, who couldn’t let Kai get away with delivering their recent game penalty.

After Kai rolled a die and had to pick a member for a staring contest, there was only one person to choose. Lucas rose to the challenge. Unfortunately, he blinked first.

Pleading with Kai to go easy on him, he received a flick that felt the opposite of “soft” to him. Even though Kai was as gentle as he could be, Lucas didn’t let it slide.

When Mark picked the dare for Yaja Time, where their roles were reversed, and they could speak informally to their hyungs, Lucas was fully ready to take advantage of it.

As soon as Taemin pointed out, “Lucas hyung, your forehead is red,” he played along. He commented on how his head was still in pain from Kai’s powerful finger flick, “Someone hit me just now. It hurts so much.”

The rest of them were cracking up at the situation. Ten stepped in to make things funnier. He stirred the pot by saying, “Shouldn’t you hit him back?”

Lucas was all for it. He jumped up from his seat like he was entering the boxing ring, “Ah! I have to hit him back!” At the same time, Kai was hiding in the corner beside Mark, regretting his life choices.

Following their influence, Lucas reached for Kai to pull him to his feet. Kai attempted to stop it from happening, softly reminding him of their good times, “Hyung-nim, hyung-nim. We had fun together.”

Lucas was tickled pink by the change in him. Even so, he couldn’t be swayed by the words. He pointed to himself, “I’m the hyung now!”

SuperM were belly-laughing at how the tables had turned. Lucas latched onto Kai’s hands as he gave one final funny attempt to diffuse the situation, “Are hyungs allowed to hit their dongsaeng?”

While luck hadn’t been on Lucas’s side earlier, it was on Kai’s side for the next moment.

After Kai moved his hair to the side and prepared to receive a forehead flick at the hands of Lucas, he was saved by the bell.

Right when Lucas had stepped forward, the two minutes of Yaja Time was over. Kai couldn’t hide his relief as he repeatedly clapped.

You win some; you lose some. See Lucas learn that revenge can slip right through your fingers.