SuperM’s Kai Reveals His Go-To Fashion Items For An Effortlessly Chic Look

This trendsetter likes to keep things simple.

SuperM recently featured in their first Chinese magazine, each member having their own cover for Harper’s Bazaar. As expected of the stylish Kai, he looked handsome in his neutral brown blazer and contrasting blue shirt.

Even from his backside, his sense of style couldn’t be hidden. Fortunately for those who wanted to know the secrets behind his styling, he opened up about it during the interview.

When asked what his favorite fashion item was, Kai chose something that many people would underestimate: a coat. There was a specific reason why he chose this piece of outerwear, though.

Kai is particularly fond of winter fashion. Since it’s typically expressed through coats and jackets, it’s a fashionable item that he can’t live without. There’s another item that’s recently captured his attention, though, and can be worn for every season.

The second item was the timeless handbag. In his opinion, the single item could sometimes change the “entire feel” of a look.

On top of revealing his favorite, fashionable go-to’s, Kai also shared his favorite fashion style.

Rather than choosing fashion pieces for a shock factor, he sticks to “simple basics” that are more understated yet express his individuality. It’s all about being true to himself.

Kai prefers fashion that doesn’t look like it was put together with the intention of looking well-dressed. When it looks effortlessly chic, that’s the right balance for him.

Fashion is different for everyone. When it comes to Kai’s sense of style, his love of simple items is what makes him stand out. No wonder he’s one of the trendsetters in the idol world.

Source: Twitter