SuperM Kai Reveals His Funny Stage Mistake No One Knew About Until Now

Taemin burst into laughter when recalling the hilarious moment.

During SuperM‘s visit to ELLE KOREA‘s studios, different sets of members played a variety of games that revealed more about themselves. When best friends Kai and Taemin were paired together, the former ended up revealing a mistake he’d made on stage that no one except them had known about.

While specifying what kind of mistake, the talented dancer admitted that he’d fumbled through some choreography and had a moment where he didn’t know what to do next. “I once completely messed up the choreo and just froze.

Fortunately, it lasted less than half a minute, “For about two seconds?” That didn’t mean it went completely unseen, though.

Taemin had spotted Kai trying to recover and became humorously confused as he watched it happen, “You were standing there and floundering like this.” Both of them burst into laughter after hearing his recollection, even more when Kai offered up his explanation.

After messing up one part of the choreography, Kai was ready to get back into the motions with the next one. It didn’t happen that way.

Kai froze up right on the spot, “So, I was trying to recover with the next move. But I messed that up too.” Taemin couldn’t resist laughing from seeing Kai demonstrate the exact pose, “Right! Right!”

Even though Kai is one of the best dancers in K-Pop, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have entertaining moments where he messes up a move or two.

See the amusement on Taemin and Kai’s faces as they recalled it here.