SuperM Kai And Taeyong’s Revenge On The Youngest Members Didn’t Go As Planned

Taeyong and Kai thought they came up with the perfect plan.

In the fourth episode of SuperM‘s reality show MTOPIA, the group continued to bring viewers laughter with their adventures in water sports. During their banana boat ride, Kai and Taeyong couldn’t resist getting some revenge on their members.

Being the oldest of the bunch, Kai and Taeyong took the first two seats on the boat, leaving the back seats to Ten, Lucas, and Mark. Little did they know, the front seats would cause some unexpected fun.

After the boat rounded the second turn, Taeyong and Kai went flying off the boat into the water. For the next ride, they decided to get some revenge.

This time, the oldest members sat on the back while the youngest sat in the danger zone. Funnily enough, they were all able to hold on. Kai offered an idea, “We should throw them in the water.

Kai’s first target was right in front of him: Mark. Making Mark laugh and ask what was happening, Kai began to pull on him and successfully plunged him into the water.

Moving into Mark’s seat, Kai’s next target was Lucas. He latched onto Lucas and tried his best to pull him off. Smiling, Lucas held on for dear life.

After seeing Mark swimming his way back to the boat, Taeyong couldn’t stand by and watch. He scooted toward the end of the boat and reached out his hand to pull Mark back up.

Meanwhile, Kai was still working on getting Lucas to take a dive.

Even though Taeyong and Kai’s plan of revenge didn’t go quite as planned, it was hilarious to watch them try and partially succeed. Watch the funny turn of events here.