SuperM’s Lucas And Ten Reveal The Sexy Benefits Of Eating Spicy Food Before Hitting The Stage

Lucas was more than ready to show off one of them.

SuperM‘s Lucas and Ten had to choose between rehearsing in a sauna or eating spicy food before their shows during an interview with The FADER. Since they both love spicy food, the choice was a no-brainer for them.


To prove their love for spicy food, they were fully prepared to defend why it was the ideal choice. Lucas was the first to tackle the funny explanation.

He began with the most straightforward reason: “We will look hotter.” Consuming the spicy food would not only make them physically hotter but visually hotter as well. With a beaming smile, Ten agreed. Just imagine the sweat dripping down Lucas’s face while he’s “Jopping”. Look no further; here’s an idea of what that would look like.

After confirming that it would make them look sexier and hotter, they both leaned forward, dancing while breathing heavily as if they’d both eaten spoonfuls of spicy food. That wasn’t the only sexy benefit, though.

Ten also pointed out another reaction to chowing down on spicy snacks. While gesturing to his mouth, he said, “If you eat hot stuff, your lips are gonna go so plump.”

Lucas picked up on what he meant, adding that their lips would look even more sexier. To demonstrate what they’d look like, he stuck his lips out in the funniest way. Ten then gave a more laid-back version.

Who would’ve thought snacking on some spicy food could lead to some sexy results? See Ten and Lucas demonstrate the benefits of it before hitting the stage here.