SuperM’s Lucas Totally Forgot What Group He Was In

Leader Baekhyun couldn’t even blame him.

At the beginning of an interview for SuperM, Lucas ran into the funny problem of forgetting what group he was promoting with.


It was so entertaining and relatable that leader Baekhyun didn’t even give him a hard time about it.

When they were doing their group greeting, Lucas threw up the V hand gesture for WayV rather than the one for SuperM. As soon as he realized, he quickly changed it. Even though he caught himself, he couldn’t leave it.

Lucas apologized and asked for another try at the greeting. Fellow WayV member Ten had been so focused he hadn’t noticed the funny mistake, wondering why he wanted to do it over again.

Sorry. Again, again.

The rest of the members just smiled and followed his request. Baekhyun rounded up the members to start it all over again.

Okay. We will do it again.

The second time was the charm. Lucas didn’t miss a beat.

With SuperM and WayV promoting at the same time, it’s understandable why Lucas would slip up with their greeting. Going back and forth between the two completely different groups wouldn’t seem to be easy.

Watch Lucas fumble their greeting but instantly wanting to do it the right way here.