SuperM Mark Reveals Craziest Thing He’s Seen At Their Concerts, And It’s Actually Touching

The crowd does it at every concert, and it hits him in the feels every time.

Between being in many NCT units and a member of SuperM, Mark has been on a lot of different tours—worldwide and within Korea.

Calling on those experiences involving SuperM, Billboard asked Mark about the craziest thing he’d seen in a crowd at their concerts. It turned out to be something he saw at every SuperM concert and tugged on his heartstrings.

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Rather than responding to the question with a negative experience or a funny one, Mark recalled how seeing so many fans supporting them in-person touches his heart. “Well, one thing that happens at every show is how emotional I get seeing the venue packed with our fans.

Every single time he’s preparing to go onstage, Mark is hit with an unbelievable feeling he can’t describe when looking out at the massive crowd. “Before going onstage, I always take a peek at the audience from behind the curtain, and it’s hard to describe the exact feeling in words, but it feels surreal—too good to be true, almost.

Seeing how much energy fans have to stand up for hours at a time—even when the venues are seated—Mark becomes energized as well. “Especially for a standing audience, it’s not easy standing for hours straight in a tight space, but their energy never goes down. I never feel tired onstage because of them.

No matter how many times Mark sees the crowd of fans waiting before a show, he still thinks it’s crazy to witness. It even makes his miss fans even more, “It’s still pretty crazy to me to see and feel their energy every time. I miss them!

However long it takes, Mark will be able to feel that way again in the future.

Source: Billboard