SuperM’s Mark Opens Up About The Last Time He Cried, And It’ll Make You Emotional

The touching moment about his family will hit you right in the feels.

While SuperM played a fun game to test their luck, Mark ended up revealing the last time he’d cried and why the moment about his mother made him so emotional.

Mark thought about his question as he read it out loud, “Last time I cried?” Being the comedian that he is, Baekhyun couldn’t resist tying it back to his massive collection of traditional medicine. “When you ran out of your Korean medicine?

After Mark and Lucas laughed at the clever joke, he began to share the true emotional moment.

Mark gave a disclaimer before revealing that his mother had a particular interest in old-school letters. “This one is totally in TMI territory, but… So, my mom really likes handwritten letters.” With that in mind, Mark’s older brother did something that tugged his heartstrings.

His brother took the time to give their mother what she’d love most: “And my brother actually wrote one to my mom, completely handwritten.” Mark didn’t have a dry eye after finding it out, “When I read that, I just couldn’t stop crying.

At the time, Mark didn’t understand why he couldn’t stop crying. “I don’t know why, but it just completely opened the faucet.

The fact that Mark’s brother chose something that would make their mother the happiest and did it all himself showed how much he appreciated her. Just hearing about something so caring would make anyone tear up.

Watch Mark open up about the touching family moment that had him bawling nonstop.