SuperM’s Mark Reveals One Of Their Failed Fandom Names And Explains Why They Don’t Have One Yet

Mark laid it all out.

SuperM‘s Mark explained why they didn’t have a fandom name yet during their appearance on The Ellen Show.

He revealed that there had been many options to choose from. Out of all of them, none fit perfectly.

They also wanted to be careful about their choice because it’s something that can’t be changed and want to make sure they select the perfect one.

This is the name we’re going to be calling them forever.

Since they were deemed “The Avengers Of K-Pop,” they thought to use that when creating a fandom name. That’s how they came up with “Assemble.”

They were all embarrassed right after saying it. It simply didn’t receive a positive reaction from fans, even in the audience, and showed exactly why they scrapped it.

It didn’t look like they quite liked it.

Listen to Mark’s explanation and the fans’ reaction to their scrapped fandom name.