Baekhyun Confesses He Bribed His Fellow SuperM Members to Become the Group’s Leader

Taemin actually has seniority since he’s been active as an idol for longer.

SuperM recently attended a press conference in Seoul where the members revealed why EXO’Baekhyun was chosen to be their leader.

When the members were asked why Baekhyun was their leader instead of Taemin, who has seniority, Taemin responded, “Even though I’ve been an idol for longer, Baekhyun is good at getting along with everyone and being their ‘hyung’. I thought that a sense of responsibility was more important than seniority, which is why I agreed to make him our leader.

EXO’s Kai joked, “I just thought we had to give him an important role so he would stay quiet” while Mark praised Baekhyun by adding, “We were able to get close pretty quickly thanks to Baekhyun.

In response, Baekhyun remarked, “That’s good enough for me. I bribed their hearts by buying them food.

Source: Naver