SuperM Revealed Why The Group’s Teamwork Is So One-Of-A-Kind

Even though they’re all experienced, it’s deeper than that.

After overcoming fans’ skepticism about SM Entertainment‘s focus on promoting the supergroup, SuperM made a name for themselves with their groundbreaking debut. They proved that they not only work well together but have a synergy that can’t be found anywhere else.

When discussing how well they’ve been received with Vogue UK during an interview, Mark came up with a metaphor that perfectly explained why the group members match so well.

Since the magazine claimed the group was “sailing pop’s high seas,” Mark kept the theme going by comparing them to a ship. To begin to describe what he meant, he first mentioned how valuable the difference in energy between their seniors and them is:

When I practiced with these guys, the energy I absorbed was actually very interesting. The knowledge and experience is incomparable to anything we [younger members] have. It’s not a competition or anything—it’s something we learn from.

Because of that, the guidance of their oldest member Taemin is significant to the entire group. Diving right into the metaphor, Mark assigned him a position of the ship based on that thinking. “Taemin would be the ship’s wheel. He knows the direction we want to go in.”

Ten agreed with Mark, adding an observation of his own to support it. “Taemin sees stuff very differently to us. [He thinks about] what kind of make-up or uniform [costume] we need to wear, and we’ve never thought about that before.”

Not only does Taemin take charge and provide ideas on what to do, but he uses what he’s learned from experience to make sure all their bases are covered.

When it came to Baekhyun and Kai, they were just as important. Mark pointed out their positions of the ship, “The EXO hyungs have a lot of talent—they’d be the sail, and that’s where we get the boost.” While Taemin charts the path, Baekyun and Kai are the momenta that push the ship forward.

As for all of the NCT members, they had a vital place within the ship as well. Mark finished up the comparison with, “NCT and WayV, we’re like the hull, holding the talent [together].” Since they’re the youngest, they can learn from and adapt to the other members, making them able to meld everyone together.

Although Baekhyun didn’t want to admit how drained the older members could become, he laughed while saying, “They’re the foundation for whenever we feel tired.”

If you’ve ever wondered how SuperM manages to make all their different groups become one, it’s because they’re a ship. Every member is a piece of the ship that works together, creating something one-of-a-kind. No wonder Mark couldn’t help but say, “That’s a pretty cool ship.”

Source: Vogue UK