Lee Soo Man Prepared Rings For SuperM But When Taemin Chose One He Picked Lee Soo Man’s Ring

Out of all the rings, Taemin chose Lee Soo Man’s!

Taemin recently surprised fans with a special livestream where he talked about everything from SuperM‘s debut showcase to practicing English. While the entire live had hearts melting, there was one moment in particular that had fans cracking up and agreeing that absolutely nobody can say no to Taemin!


During the broadcast, Taemin suddenly held up his finger to show his new ring to everyone watching and revealed he wanted to share the story behind this particular gift.

Look at this gift I got! It’s pretty, right? I’ve been wanting to share the story behind it.

— Taemin


Taemin began by explaining that Lee Soo Man had decided to gift each of the SuperM members a unique ring. Each of the rings had a slightly different design so it was up to the members to choose their own.

If you are wondering about it, our teacher Lee Soo Man gave each of us one as a gift. The designs are all slightly different and when he brought them over he wanted us to choose one.

— Taemin


But when Lee Soo Man asked if there was any that Taemin liked, well, he got a bit of a surprise. Taemin playfully responded he thought the ring that Lee Soo Man was wearing at the time was pretty.

When he asked if there were any we liked, I said that I thought the one he was wearing was pretty. It was the same brand and had a similar design.

— Taemin


So what happened? Lee Soo Man gave Taemin his ring of course!

So I got the one he was wearing! Is this me receiving or taking? I’m not really sure!

— Taemin


And when fans heard Taemin’s ring confession, they simply couldn’t help laughing and agreeing that absolutely no one could say no to him!


Seriously, it would be impossible!