SuperM Taemin Reveals The Hilarious Way Baekhyun Ruins His Diet

“He does it on purpose… He disturbs my diet.” – Taemin

To give fans even more of an idea of what took place while recording their upcoming full-length album Super One and filming of the “Tiger Inside” music video, SuperM sat down to share some amusing behind-the-scenes moments.

One of them was how Baekhyun attempted and succeeded in putting a dent into Taemin‘s diet.

After sharing a funny incident with Lucas that made him laugh, Taemin remembered one about Baekhyun. He’d been on a mission to become slimmer, “Oh, another funny story. I was on a diet to lose weight.” Baekhyun had other plans.

As Taemin focused on maintaining his diet, Baekhyun crashed the party in the funniest way. He followed Taemin and chewed his food loud enough for him to hear, “Baekhyun came to me and started eating something loudly in front of me.” It didn’t happen only once, “He did the same yesterday.

There’s a reason for Baekhyun’s humorous attempts. He wants Taemin to enjoy all the tasty food, “Yes, he does it on purpose to make me want the food. He disturbs my diet.” It turns out that Baekhyun can be quite persuasive.

Laughing at the memory, Taemin admitted that he falls for the trick and ends up helping himself to the food as well. “I end up eating something because of him, saying, ‘It tastes so good!’” Let’s be honest. Who could resist someone eating something so delicious right in front of them?

Laugh along with Lucas and Taeyong as Taemin shares the funny yet effective way Baekhyun makes sure he keeps some meat on his bones.