SuperM Taemin Picks The Song He’s Never Tired Of Performing

Even if he’s just practicing the choreography, he’s never tired of it.

For a fun twist on an interview, E! Red Carpet & Award Shows
E! Red Carpet & Award Shows asked SuperM questions only related to their favorite music. One of them asked Taemin to pick the song that he never gets tired of performing.

Since many of SuperM’s songs have intense choreography to match their high level of skill, Taemin surprised Baekhyun by going with one of his most iconic solo songs. “I’ll definitely say ‘Move’.

He chose it because it was the complete opposite. The beauty of “Move” is all in the slow yet sharp moves, “It’s also not a physically tiring song to perform. There are minimal movements in the choreography.

Even when he’s practicing the song in preparation for a performance, Taemin is never left out of breath or exhausted. “I actually never get tired of it even when rehearsing or performing live.

Poking fun at how easy it seemed, Kai added, “So, I guess, if you do sweat, then there’s something wrong?

Making them all laugh, Taemin confirmed the notion. “Right, and if I do, that means something’s probably physically wrong with my body.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn one of Taemin’s choreographies that won’t give you a workout like “Drip Drop”, “Move” is the way to go. See him break down why here.